In-Person Training

Initiating and Chairing a Disciplinary Enquiry

This course material covers unit standard 10985 NQF level 6.

Reduce your risks of a procedurally unfair dismissal by training with our trainers who are highly experienced in this area.
Persons accredited with this unit standard are empowered with resources aimed at effectively handling hearings and making reasoned decisions, based on the evidence presented in a case.


Your role as an initiator or employer representative, covering:

1. The law on discipline management
2. The disciplinary process from investigation to dismissal
3. Drafting Charges
4. Law of evidence
5. Hearing Procedures
6. Presenting the case at the Hearing

Role Play of a Disciplinary Hearing

1. The role of a chairperson at the hearing
2. Dealing with Preliminary objections and challenges
3. Assessing evidence and drawing a final conclusion
4. Deciding the appropriate sanction

NQF Level 6

This course material covers unit standard 10985 at NQF level 6.
Work Courses’ hybrid learning model awards trainees the opportunity to study at their own pace on our e-learning platform, alongside face-to-face sessions, to cement their self-paced studies.

Face-to-face sessions are aimed at conducting practical exercises, like role-play, rather than theory. This in-depth course offers:

  1. Self-paced e-learning material on theory.
  2. Face to face Practical exercises.
  3. Interactive videos and
  4. Assessments
  5. Format: e-learning module approximately 45 minutes and 1 Day workshop from 09h00 – 15h00

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