Mentorship Module

Why is mentorship important for your organization?

“Research suggests that there are lots of topics, such as core skills, values, leadership, ethics, and so on, that are best taught by modelling, rather than in a classroom or in front of a computer screen.” source Biz Library

Close to our hearts is the issue of skills transfer. We have broadened our offering to bring you this international module developed by Biz Library discussing the importance of a formal mentorship programme. This module will help employers and Human Resource people to identify and put in place appropriate mentorship programmes. According to research done by Biz Library, implementing a formal mentorship program has 3 benefits, namely:

  1. It shows that the organization cares.
  2. It results in a more engaged workforce.
  3. It generates higher job satisfaction.

This module takes less than 60 minutes to complete but provides valuable insights to appreciate the importance of a formal mentoring programme. Should you need more support on the subject after completing the programme, you are welcome to make contact with our experienced human resource consultants. Please contact for more information.

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